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Honorable Mention

Hazen Paper took home an Honorable Mention in the Healthcare and Cosmetics category for a Hazen-Lens™ holographic fold-over blister card for tubes of Orajel Instant Pain Relief. Hazen supplied and metallized the acrylic-coated 60-gauge Ultracure/coated-one-side 0.012-in. SBS, which is converted by AGI-Shorewood Packaging, Indianapolis. Graphics are printed in register with the custom Hazen-Lens™ hologram Hazen Pattern #1280A. Twenty-four cards are produced per sheet. Although widely seen on toothpaste packaging, holography is not common in the pain relief segment of the dental care category. Judges not only found the blister concept appealing, but also liked seeing the use of metallizing expanding beyond toothpaste packaging.