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March 2014 AIMCAL Award

Hazen Paper, in conjunction with Henderson Specialty Paper, captured the Marketing Award for the cover of Gap Dream’s Shine Your Light album for Burger Records, Fullerton, California. Hazen Paper converted and metallized the Ultracure-coated 48-gauge film/0.018-caliper SBS. The metallized film features a copyrighted, custom Hazen-Lens™ hologram with two focal points, one on the front and a smaller version on the back. The Hazen-Lens™ hologram and printing are precisely registered. Stoughton Printing, City of Industry, California, provided design and contract packaging services.

Judges Comments

Judges noted the front and back sides of the album cover carry basically equal impact. Regardless of which side you see, “It catches the eye and makes you want to pick it up,” noted one judge.