Hello, my name is Debbie Robertson owner, designer and artist of Heavenly Designs by Debbie located in Austin, Texas.

I started my crafting business in 1999 as I had always loved drawing painting and designing. It seemed like a natural progression to start a small operation and see if others enjoyed my designs as well. I get inspiration from observing nature and looking through books to see what patterns work together to create a pleasing effect.

In 1999 there were very few craft stores in Austin, so I pretty much had to make do with drawing paper, watercolor, and spray paint. I made my own stencils and drew sketches of what I wanted. This of course took a good deal of time to make my cards, but I always sold the ones I made.

At this point in time, card creation was still more or less a hobby for me. As more crafting stores started opening and better design and painting products became available, I had many more fascinating opportunities to create much better cards. I managed to show my designs at several craft fairs in my area. I still had a way to go and knew my cards could and should be improved upon.

I decided my designs should be displayed in some manner so I could see if they were received well. I created a portfolio of my best work and went to several small towns around the Austin area to see if they would consider displaying my cards. When I got to Fredericksburg, the friendly owners of a popular holiday gift shop suggested that I might want to consider displaying my designs at the Dallas Market. So, in January 2016 I did just that, taking my shot at the Dallas Market. I learned a great deal and realized that if I wanted to sell my products, I had to improve them. I now have cards on sale in two vendor stores.

I can honestly say that I strive to improve with each and every card I make. The greatest thing I have learned through my endeavors is that a person should persevere and never give up – dreams can come true if you just keep God in your heart and prayers and his direction will never lead you astray.