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March 2013 AIMCAL Award

In the Healthcare, Toiletries and Cosmetics Packaging Category, Hazen Paper Co., Holyoke, Massachusetts, took home the Marketing Award for set-up cartons for holiday gift boxes for Red Door, Pretty, Prevage and 5th Avenue brand products from Elizabeth Arden, New York, New York. Hazen supplied the substrate, metallized the acrylic-coated Hazen Hazen-Lens™ Holographic 2D/3D Lens 60-gauge polyester/coated-one-side 80-pound litho paper, and shared converting duties with PrintaFoil Prestige Printing and Packaging, Cape Town, South Africa. The combination of three optical elements, 2D, 3D and Hazen-Lens™, is a relatively new holographic technique and produces a pattern with a high degree of movement that’s eye-catching even from side angles. The pattern also provides a family look for the various Elizabeth Arden products. Design and contract packaging duties were performed by Cultech Groupe Autajon, South Plainfield, New Jersey.