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March 2012 AIMCAL Award

Hazen Paper captured the Technical Award in the Healthcare, Cosmetics and Toiletries Packaging Category for an upscale carton for the retail introduction of a premium gel nail polish. The carton structure for Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polish consists of coated-one-side, 18-point SBS, laminated in register with metallized, Hazen-Lens™ custom holographic, 60-gauge polyester. Hazen Paper’s two-channel Ultracure™ acrylic-lacquered custom hologram pattern #1-6 Kleido-Burst™ adds depth and draws eyes to the product.

Judges Comments

With both circular and ray holographic patterns, the judges felt this package presents a unique sparkle and would look active on store shelves. “A well-thought-out design,” they agreed.