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March 2015 AIMCAL Award

Hazen served as metallizer for the project and assisted with package design along with Acushnet and converter Curtis Packaging, Sandy Hook, CT. The project involves three-ball sleeves and 12-ball cartons for global distribution of three Titleist brands: NXT® Tour S, DT® Solo and VG3®. An improved transfer coating Hazen calls Enhanced™ Envirofoil® offers better scuff resistance and printability. The harder polymer in the upgraded coating contains no volatile organic compounds. According to Hazen, Enhanced Envirofoil has a high dyne level (more than 50) and is twice as scuff resistant as other transfer-metallized papers. New Titleist graphics focus on the chrome-like brightness of the transfer-metallized surface. In fact the brightness of the surface registers 850 on a Gardner Gloss meter (on a scale of 1 to 1,000), significantly above other transfer-metallized substrates. In addition, packaging for the VG3 balls features prominent embossing that is more distinct than that seen on other transfer-metallized packaging. The graphics on each Titleist package also includes a Hazen-Lens™ holographic hot-stamp as well as covert security features.


Judges were impressed by the scope of the project, the shelf impact of the sleeves and cartons and the integration of technologies including high-quality printing, registered Hazen-Lens™ holography, spot varnishes, embossing and built-in windows. “There’s almost a 3D effect,” noted one judge. “The packaging imparts the message that it is a premium product,” added another member of the panel.